Affordable Solutions


FRi – Diagnostic Imaging affordable services and flexible payment options makes us an accessible resource for the entire community. We provide quality care that meets our patients’ needs at the lowest self-pay cost in the region — and at a lower cost than our competitors. 

CT exams starting at $157" and "MRI exams starting at $217
Description Self Pay Pricing 
MRI Abdomen w/o dye $320.00
MRI Brains Stem w/o and w/dye $367.00
MRI Brain stem w/o dye $223.00
MRI Neck Spine w/o and w/dye $369.00
MRI Neck spine w/o dye $217.00
CT Abdomen w/ dye $223.00
MRI Abdomen w/dye $440.00
CT Chest Spine w/dye $222.00
CT Head/Brain w/o and w/dye $186.00
CT Head/Brain w/o dye $112.00
MRI Brain stem w/dye $311.00
CT Soft Tissue neck w/dye $229.00
CT Head/Brain w/dye $157.00
CT Abd and Pelvis w/contrast $303.00
CT Abd and Pelvis w/o contrast $196.00
MRI upper extremity w/o dye $330.00
MRI lower extremity w/o dye $330.00
MRI both breasts $518.00
CT Chest Spine w/o dye $166.00
CT soft tissue neck w/o dye $199.00

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